Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fill In The Tank

With spring temps heating up you may already be opting for a 'cooler' piece on top. From celebrities to musicians, to the guy-next-door, it seems like everyone is rockin' a tank. And, with so many styles to choose from, why not take a stab at the season's trend? Some of our favorite brands, like Hurley, OBEY, and Volcom, are bringing us tanks in bright colors, graphic prints and stripes. Put together a casual look when paired with shorts, jeans or boardshorts - anything, really on the bottom! Treat it like your favorite graphic tee, but stay cooler in the summer sun.


  1. Tanks make summer so much more enjoyable! If your a girl you can even dress em up and rock them with a blazer! I do all the time! For guys, dress up or dress down depending on the shoes, shorts or jeans you chose...... Either way... Ladies Rock the tank! Guys... Get your "Bro-Tank"! They're the hot thing now!

  2. Manks are a great fashion statement for spring!!

  3. Or call them a cali-t!